Sunday, April 8, 2012

Team Composition

I used my Team Composition spreadsheet while watching the IPL4 finals today. Here's what I got.

Game 1

CLG, at left, has a team that has very very strong Initiation and CC but also Counter-Initiate. TSM, at right, can't get away or initiate. This means CLG always gets to choose when the fights happen. There are lots of holes in TSM's team composition; picking Kog'Maw when you can't protect him is sad times.

Game 2

No CC for CLG, at left. But a huge amount of offensive siege and push pressure means that they can split push 3/1/1 all day. TSM, with no push pressure, can't do anything about it. That's basically the story of this game.

The Spreadsheet

The first page explains the 12 Team Composition traits I used, and how to compensate for a lack in one of them.

The second page is the meat of this spreadsheet; the individual champion ratings.

The next page allows you to sort the champions; here I've sorted by "Protection for Carries."

The next page shows the list of 5-star Champions.

The final pages use that data to form the actual Team Composition pages that you saw at the beginning.

Hint: Use "Blank" as a champion to fill in 2 for everything, so you can see what you are missing while the team falls into place.

Would you like to use it?

When opening the XLS in OpenOffice, one of the sheets just plain didn't work. Maybe Google Docs is the only place all the sheets will work? PM me on Reddit (HippityLongEars) if you want a link to the google doc so you can copy it that way.

If you want to complain about my ratings for specific champions, just download the thing and fix it yourself. ;)


The idea for such a thing comes from This Guide at